The 2019 schedule is now available!

Because of the growth of Utah Miss Amazing, we will now be having TWO shows on TWO different weekends! How this will work? Rising Stars and Teen Divisions will be meeting on March 23rd and the Miss Divisions and Shooting Stars will meet on March 30th. By clicking on your division below, you will see a more detailed schedule.


Please note that this is a tentative schedule and is subject to change according to how many participants we have attending.


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Ages 5-9

Ages 10-19


Ages 36+

Ages 20-35


New to Miss Amazing?

Are you new to Miss Amazing and trying to get a feel for what the day will be like? Here are our tips and answers to FAQs. 

First, come dressed in casual clothing or whatever you feel comfortable in! Most participants start the day in jeans and a t-shirt - we provide you with a Miss Amazing shirt that you are welcome to change into! 

After you arrive and check in, we will have an orientation where you'll meet your buddy for the day! This is your new friend who is here just to help you! 

After orientation, you will eat a light meal provided by Miss Amazing, then you will participate in interviews with our judges and practice walking across the stage and introducing yourself - don't worry, we will have plenty of volunteers around to show you exactly what to do! In between practicing on stage and interviews, you will have the opportunity to get your hair and make up done in preparation for your Final Show! 

You will then have a break to get ready and prepared however you'd like. During this time, you will change into your formal wear. You will begin the Final Show wearing your formal wear/evening gown. 

When it's time to line up, there will be a chair with your assigned number on it! Sit there! 

Then it's your time to shine! Our volunteers will let you know when it's your turn to do your introduction and then your evening wear walk. As soon as you're done with your evening wear walk, you need to change into your Talent Showcase outfit (if participating with a costume change). As soon as you have completed your talent, you need to change back into your formal wear! Then we will have awards where all are crowned and given a trophy!