Schedule Overview


Saturday March 23, 2019


9:30 am | Main Lobby

Check in and receive your Miss Amazing t-shirt and name tag. Don't forget to bring your 5 cans of food to registration! 



9:45 am | Auditorium

Parents, volunteers, and participants will all meet in the auditorium for orientation and to meet your buddy. We will discuss the schedule as well as give parents the opportunity to meet their participants buddy for the day.  


Skills Practice

10:00-10:30 am | Auditorium

The Rising Stars will practice for the Talent and Final Show during this time. 


Hair and makeup

10:30-11:00 am | TBA

Hair and Make up staff and a professional photographer will be available to you during this time.



11:00-11:30 am| Commons

Lunch is provided for participants and volunteers. If you have special dietary needs, please pack your own lunch. Lunch is not provided for parents.


Personal prep

11:30-12:30 |

Please use this time to make any last minute preparations for the Final Show. Hair and Make up and a professional photographer are still available during this time. Please take time to rest and do anything else you need to do before the Final Show.

Line up

12:45 pm| Backstage

Please be in formal attire with participants number pinned to their dresses. There will be chairs backstage with their number on it, please have participants sit in their assigned seat.

Final Show

1:00-3:30 | Auditorium

Bring your friends and family to watch your participant in the Final Show and Talent Showcase! Tickets will be on sale soon.